Funds Description

COIMA SGR works on behalf of its investors and partners on multiple investment strategies with the aim to maximize performance under a disciplined risk management across the whole investment cycle.

The investments of COIMA SGR include projects with diversified risk profiles, from Core to Value Added and Development with different uses among which offices, retail, residential, logistic and hospitality.

COIMA SGR investors include major Italian and international public and private pension funds, Sovereign Wealth Funds, government investment authorities, insurance companies, financial institutions, endowments and individual investors.

Funds under management by COIMA SGR


Porta Nuova Garibaldi

Set up in 2008, this Fund has a Core Plus strategy. Its portfolio mainly comprises offices located in Milan’s Porta Nuova area.

Porta Nuova Varesine

Set up in 2008, the Fund has a Core Plus strategy. Its portfolio comprises mixed-use (residential/office/retail) assets located in Milan’s Porta Nuova area.

COIMA Core Fund II

COIMA CORE FUND II was set up in 2012. Its investment strategy focuses on the purchase and management of properties located in major Italian cities, specifically Milan. Its current portfolio includes direct and indirect investments for a total of eight properties, covering 34,000 square metres and three partnerships.

COIMA Core Fund IV

Set up in 2014 with a sale and lease back transaction involving office buildings with a total surface area of approximately 61,000 square metres that house Deutsche Bank branches. The buildings are located throughout Italy, mainly in Lombardy and Northern Italy.

COIMA Core Fund V

Set up in 2016, this investment fund focuses on mixed-use assets. It is currently invested in the shopping complex “Le Vele” located in the Brescia area, which is leased to local and international brands for a retail surface of approximately 26,000 square metres.

COIMA Core Fund VI

COIMA Core Fund VI fund was set-up in July 2005 with a value added strategy. Currently the portfolio includes two office properties fully let located in Milan Porta Nuova area and Rome Eur Business District, for a total of around 26,800 square metres.


Set up in 2019, the Fund’s objective is to purchase the “Energy Park” building complex located in Vimercate, which covers an area of approximately 78,000 square metres and is entirely leased by leading tenants mainly operating in the high-tech sector. The Fund's assets have recently been expanded by acquiring additional areas for expansion.


Set up in 2019, the Fund owns and operates the “Vodafone Village” which is Italy’s largest office complex with LEED® Silver certification.

COIMA Logistics Fund I

COIMA Logistics FUND I was set up in September 2013. Its investment strategy focuses on logistics assets in order to diversify the portfolio.

Fondo Feltrinelli Porta Volta

The Feltrinelli Porta Volta Fund was set up in December 2015 with a value-added strategy. The Fund’s assets mainly comprise offices that house the headquarters of a leading multinational company and the Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Foundation.

COIMA Mistral Fund

Set up in 2018, the Fund currently adopts a Core strategy, with a portfolio of properties located in Milan, which are all leased out. The Fund's assets are part of the programme agreement covering railway yards, while a project to requalify the entire area is currently being finalised.


Porta Nuova Gioia

The Porta Nuova Gioia fund was set up in December 2015 with a value-added and development investment strategy. The first investment is the redevelopment of the building located at 22 Via Melchiorre Gioia in Milan, which is the first Italian Nearly Zero Energy Building (NZEB) to be completed by 2022. The building will become the headquarters of a leading financial institution.

COIMA Opportunity Fund II

The COIMA Opportunity Fund II was set up in 2016 to invest directly and indirectly mainly in office assets that can be the subject of development and requalification projects. The Fund's assets may also be invested on a residual basis in properties with different uses, mainly commercial, logistics and residential buildings.

Porta Nuova Bonnet

The Porta Nuova Bonnet fund was set up in 2016 to invest mainly in the office sector, with a view to development and requalification opportunities. The “Porta Nuova Bonnet” complex is the first investment which covers a commercial area of approximately 19,600 square metres. This complex was entirely completed, obtaining LEED sustainability certifications, and was chosen as the headquarters of a leading international consulting firm and hi-tech company.

Porta Nuova Centrale

The Porta Nuova Centrale fund was set up in 2017 to invest mainly in the offices sector, with a view to development and requalification opportunities. The first and only investment made by the Fund was the purchase at public auction of the building rights for two lots (former car parks) being disposed of by the Milan municipality, for an overall development of more than 30,000 square metres. The investment strategy involves the new construction of two offices, along with the redevelopment of the surrounding public space, currently underway. The main tower of the new building will house the headquarters of a leading international consulting firm.

Lido di Venezia II

Set up in 2016, this Opportunities Fund invests in Venice with a focus on buildings for hotel use.

COIMA Opportunity Logistics II

Set up in 2021, this Opportunities Fund is an umbrella fund with a portfolio concentrated in Northern Italy and comprised of buildings for logistics use characterised by high standards of sustainability.

COIMA ESG City Impact Fund

Set up in 2020, it is the first closed-end property investment fund in Italy to combine the pursuit of a financial return with the aim of reaching measurable ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) objectives. The Fund invests in projects aimed at the regeneration of land across the country that are inspired by sustainability criteria. Through progressive fundraising and successive capital injections over the life of the fund (20 years), the COIMA ESG City Impact Fund aims to raise over €1 billion, with the ability to generate over €4 billion worth of impact on the real economy. The Fund may invest in properties with a range of designated uses, with a particular focus on the residential sector, both for lease and sale, and in the tourist accommodation sector.

Fondo Porta Romana

Set up in 2020, this is an Opportunities Fund. The Fund purchased the former Porta Romana rail yard in Milan, which is currently being redeveloped. This area, which covers approximately 216,000 square metres, will host a mixed-use project including the Olympic Village for the Milan Cortina 2026 Winter Olympics. It will be subsequently converted into Milan's largest student residence.

Fondo Odissea

The Odissea Fund was set up in June 2020 as the result of the acquisition of five properties previously owned by UBI Banca. The fund has adopted a value-added strategy and its portfolio is entirely located in Milan, with four properties in the historic centre of the city and one in the Lotto district. Its main investment is the building complex in Milan at via Monte di Pietà 5, 7, 9, which will be subject to redevelopment works.

COIMA Build to Core Fund

Set up in 2021, the Fund is wholly owned by Fondo Porta Nuova Liberazione, managed by COIMA SGR.

COIMA Impact Fund Lampugnano

Set up in 2022 to purchase an area in the Lampugnano district on which a new generation office building will be built. This building will boast the most advanced characteristics in terms of sustainability and technological requirements.

COIMA Porta Nuova Liberazione Fund

Set up in 2022, the Fund’s portfolio includes an entire block in the Porta Nuova district between Via Viviani- Via Bordoni- Via Adda - Via Cornalia. Its assets have an office, residential and hotel use, in addition to retail spaces on the ground floors of the buildings.

COIMA Lorenzini Fund

Set up in 2022, this Opportunities Fund has a portfolio of assets under development for office use located in the Porta Romana district in Milan chosen as the Milan headquarters of leading Italian fashion brands.

Geo Ponente

The Fund was set up in 2005. The SGR took over management of this Fund in 2016. The portfolio of this Opportunities Fund is concentrated in the Venice area and comprises mixed-use assets.

COIMA QIA Italian Property Fund

The COIMA QIA Italian Property Fund was set up in November 2015 with a value-added strategy. At present, it owns an asset located in Milan, Piazza San Fedele, that is being redeveloped and leased to a well-known Italian fashion brand.