COIMA SGR to reinvest promote fee in COIMA RES shares



Milan, October 4 th , 2019 – COIMA RES informs that COIMA SGR has appointed a broker to perform a market purchase program of COIMA RES’ shares for an amount equal to approx. Euro 625,000. The amount corresponds to the net proceeds received by COIMA SGR in relation to the promote fee accrued for the financial year 2018 according to the Asset Management Agreement in place with COIMA RES.

As a reminder, COIMA RES’ key managers, Manfredi Catella, Gabriele Bonfiglioli and Matteo Ravà, together with COIMA SGR and COIMA Srl, currently own a 1.2% stake in COIMA RES having invested approx. Euro 4.0 million since the IPO (of which Euro 2.6 million at IPO and Euro 1.4 million post IPO).

COIMA RES welcomes the decision of COIMA SGR to reinvest the promote fee in shares as it provides a further signal of the strong alignment between the management team and COIMA RES’ shareholders.

The information on the purchases made by COIMA SGR will be made available to the market according to applicable laws and regulations.


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